Each one of the projects attains a different degree of impact, in accordance to its exposure both in showrooms and in the media. Please contact us, if you want to organize an exhibition or a publication.

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In the past

The Thought of Fantastic Figures (2013)

“This body of work seeks, as engagé art (socially committed), to make a critique of the magical, submissive or alienated thinking. It aims to generate questions about selfish and evasive behavior, about consumerist, religious, new age, social network, and sports fanaticisms, which suspends us in a mist of opium, carrying us away from the essentials.”


2070 (2013)

“The surrounding nature is an extension of our bodies, lives and aspirations. According to the science of ecology, there are some basic steps we can implement to help nature regain its balance, so that in 2070, the earth will still be a friendly place for our descendants.”


Portraits of a lineage (2013)

“Recently, under the umbrella of Lantern Foundation, which focuses its efforts in making visible social and ecological issues, I went to visit a place along the Bogota River, where chariot men (urban waste recyclers) live in dens with their horses, pigs, chickens, dogs and cats. There it seemed that a bomb of waste, debris, feces and flies had detonated. Sadness, toxicity and dispossession are interwoven. The smell of the stables, from burning plastics, and from methane of the death Bogota River, forces a thick qualm: 

Eyes, teeth and nails, I wish to vomit!”


Glass Blowers - Transparent Bogota (2013)

Photographic chronicle around the activity of the glassblowers south of Bogotá, inspired by the Social Realism art movement, which seeks to connect the notions of hard and honest work with that of political transparency.


Sacred Flow
March 8, 2013, International Women's Day, after 6 months of work, we exhibited a fine arts photographic project whose purpose was to raise awareness about violence against women in Colombia. We sought to turn the public eye towards women through nude female bodies, wearing drawn masks representing seven male iconic figures of political relevance, who were murdered.

During the exhibition there were three performances related to gender issues, conducted by Alejandra Arciniegas, Ginna Garcia and Tatiana Samper.

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Grigri (2011)

is a term that designates a african talisman made from grave dirt and other personal items, which is used by the Tuareg as protection. These photographic assemblages seek to raise a voice of protest and protection against those who sexually abuse infants.


The Inner Walls of the Self/City (2010)

"Cities and their communities are the vital spaces for immigrants to start anew. Forests of unknown buildings, in and out, surround newcomers, while the affections of their origins remain deep-rooted in their minds. For some, integration may be less painful and encompassed by success. Others may take several years before they attain a feeling of being “at home.” While others, still, battle for a dignified territory at their new country, seeing it crumble beneath their feet, amid endless visits to community centers and welfare institutions."


Déjeuner chez le monde (2010)

A photographic project was produced in Montreal in 2010, in relation to the immigration dynamics in Canada, under the patronage of Latinarte and Hors les murs. The work was exhibited at the Maison de la culture de Parc-Extension and the Segal Centre in the same city. It was also selected for the five yearlong itinerant exhibition, Canada: Day 1, starting 2013.

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Divine nature (2006)
During 2006, a body of work called Divine nature was composed, thanks to the generosity of professional models convinced of the project’s relevance. The images were exhibited in Calgary, New York and Montreal. They highlighted social and cultural dynamics in relation to pornography, its causes and effects amid a patriarchal society.

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In the future

The production of video clips recording the testimonies of the real actors pertaining adolescent pregnancy.

The production of a documentary on the sexual commercialization of children and adolescents in Colombia.